Ambition and dedication for over fifty years

In the 1970s, in Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona, AIO was founded, a company with the ambition of creating prototypes of small agricultural equipment. Through the acquisition of experience and knowledge in the sector, we gradually moved towards increasingly high-performance machinery. Our specialisation was consolidated in the production of power harrows and subsoilers, becoming a benchmark in the sector.

Since 2011, the headquarters of AIO SRL has been located in Porto Mantovano, in one of the beating hearts of Mantuan production. Here, the brothers Doriano and Rinaldo Aio, driven by passion and commitment, successfully run the company, maintaining pride in the production of high quality and reliable agricultural machinery.

The well-known efficiency that distinguishes the company today allows AIO to assert its products not only on the domestic market, but also beyond its borders, consolidating its position in international markets as well.


The first step

In the early 1970s, Nogarole Rocca was home to AIO, a company named after its founders, who, driven by the desire to make quality agricultural machinery that simplifies work in the fields, set out to shape the future of agriculture.


An ever-growing company

Year in which AIO’s headquarters moved to Porto Mantovano. Here, brothers Doriano and Rinaldo Aio bring with them a stamp of strong innovation and efficiency, the result of years of experience and accumulated know-how.

From 1970 to today

The imprint in the agricultural world

Our history is intertwined with that of the farmers who have embraced our solutions, turning their daily toil into an opportunity for growth and success. Every product that leaves our premises is synonymous with reliability, efficiency and time saving.

Sowing innovation to cultivate excellence: the future of agriculture is in our hands

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